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WELCOME to Leander Paintball Alliance!

Our Concept/Mission:
LeanderPaintballAlliance (LPA) was created for people who wanted to play for the fun of the sport without the exorbitant rates of most fields. LPA provides a family atmosphere for all ages of players regardless of their playing skills. You can come here and have fun and still do it in a competitive way. We do not limit the amount time each player is on the field and players decide the games being played. LPA is an ideal location for beginner players. New players are given an introductory lesson covering the sport of paintball and marker safety. Our field is used for regular paintball, tournaments, airsoft, company events and birthday parties.
Our Current Cost:
Paintball Costs are: $10.00 if you own your own equipment. Rental equipment starts at $10.00. In order to accommodate our many airsoft and paintball customers, we are a reserved field to allow equal playing time for all groups. A field deposit is required. Airsoft costs are: $5.00 per player. A field deposit is required. Call for further details or for more information send us an email at contactus@leanderpaintball.com with the date of the planned event, a valid telephone number and the number of people attending. Airsoft and Paintball equipment repair for player owned equipment starts at $20.00 plus parts. 

We are the only field which allows you to bring your own paintballs or airsoft BB's in order to reduce your costs for a fun event. If you need assistance with a location to purchase them or the amount needed, send us an email.

We are an authorized dealer for a variety of equipment.   We also have a pre-order sales department for all of your equipment and supplies including consignment sales on used equipment. 

Payment Method: Cash, We do accept Visa or Mastercard on reservations only.

Our Current Hours of Operation: Reservations Only



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